Todayโ€™ s Guest Blogger: Jaime Morrison Curtis LA, USA

Blog: prudentbaby.blogspot.com



Nice to meet you. I`m Jaime. I live in Los Angeles with my skateboarder husband Carleton and daughter Scarlet Jane, who is 20 months old, freakishly tall and fabulously carefree. We also live with our dog (Puck) , a cat (Hammy) and a turtle (Pickle). I love to drink champagne and blog about crafting at Prudent Baby, and I always welcome unsolicited advice.

Jaimeยดs blog will be published next fall (congrats!!!) and here are some advice, that will be in the book. We both thought they fit perfectly around Christmas.

#303: Re-gifting is tacky.

If you get a gift you donโ€™t like it might be tempting to gift it to someone else. This is fraught with complications. Thereโ€™s a high chance that the giver or giftee will discover what youโ€™ve done and be offended. But more importantly, if you didnโ€™t like the gift to begin with itโ€™s just rude to give it to someone else; gifts are supposed to be thoughtful.

#314: Use the good stuff.

Thereโ€™s no reason to hoard your possessions in anticipation of lifeโ€™s big events. Whip out your grandmotherโ€™s jewelry, the fragile dishes, or your sexy lingerie to create little special occasions whenever you can.

#395: You donโ€™t have as much time as you think.

It all goes by so quickly daughter. You canโ€™t fathom it. If you could, you would collapse from the weight of it – the unbearable comprehension of the brevity of your time on earth. You will sadly discover that lives end in inconceivable ways and at puzzling times. At moments you will grasp the delicateness of your life; let them weigh on you; let them change you.

#497: Every time you rescue someone else, you rescue yourself a little bit.

You will have occasion to save people: to throw a life preserver, to present an opportunity, to alter a destiny for the better. Seize these chances. Reflect your best, most giving characteristics. Rescue yourself from tedious inward focus: these are your opportunities too.
Merry Christmas