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*How to make a glamorous Christmas hairpiece*

So, getting closer to Christmas it´s time for you to start think of /what to wear/ to put yourself, your family and friends into the right festive mood. Why not doll yourself up with a glamorous holiday hairpiece? Believe me, you can make one yourself in less than two hours.

Start off by looking through the old Christmas-tree decorations that you might have lying around. Or go to the nearest thrift store or flea market and get some appropriate stuff for a few pennies. For my hairpiece I got myself a candle-ring and a bullfinch (domherre).

You will also need a haircomb, a piece of cloth and something you can attach everything to. I used a felt coaster that I bought at Panduro Hobby (a Swedish craft store).

Sew the cloth on to the “base material”, attach to it whatever bling-bling you may have gathered, and last but not least: sew the haircomb in place.

Now add some red lipstick and a pair of high heels and you are all set to strut your stuff at that Christmas dinner.

Happy glamorous holidays!