I will start this Christmas-Blog-Tour, myself, with a DIY Christmas gift idea and giveaway. Me and my partner Jens make a couple of different popicon-portraits every Christmas for family and friends. They are so much fun to make and I think they look great.

What you need is Perler Beads, a pegboard (we used 29×58 pegs), ironing paper and a design pattern.

The design is the hardest part. Portraits from photos, up close make the best patterns. One bead for every pixel in your image is how to think.

I made this Superman portrait today and I have wrapped it for one reader to win.

Here is how to win it: Motivate in a comment why YOU should win, and I will pick a winner on Friday. img_27431img_2715img_2714

If you are a more of a “Mr-T-kind of person” below is a designpattern for you to make of him. Print it out and use on a pegboard with 29 x 58 beads.

If you are familiar with Photo Shop here is how to make your own.

1. Find a photo you like
2. What you want to do now, is to scale down the photo, so that each pixel represents one bead.
If we use two pegboards (29 x 29 beads each), we have 29 x 58 beads to work with, right? So, go ahead and scale down your photo to 29 x 58 pixels. You might have to crop out the sides, to maintain the aspect ratio.
3.Unless you have a huge collection of beads, you will have to decrease the number of colors.
4. Print it out and off you go!


Posted by myself, Jenny here at Dos Family. I also blog at  SammyRose