I went to Copenhagen to visit Dennis and Mette´s home this week. The married couple is expecting a baby in a couple of weeks and they were kind enough to let me come over to visit their nest.
It is a small apartment located at Amager, a bike ride away from the city. This place has been their home for 3 years and it has so much personality. The kitchen is filled with fun stuff, like a wall full of photos and homemade stickers on all the cabinets.
The bedroom holds all of the clothes, a TV, play station and now also a crib, ready for the baby. Dennis works as an librarian and has lots of books, vinyl records and clothes. Mette is studying rhetoric and runs the lovely blog Ungt Blod. She is a master of creating patterns out of simple shapes like circles and triangles. Don´t miss them, they are all over this slide show.

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