Date night at Delikatessen


Tuesday night I had a date at this lovely French inspired restaurant close to Mariatorget in Stockholm. It’s called Delikatessen Bistro & Bar!


I actually got a cool gift -it’s a book called Eat Sweden and in it it’s vouchers for 12 restuarants in Stockholm. You get one main course for free at each restaurant. The thing I like about it that you then tend to try different places around town. Otherwise I’m more likely to go to the same spot every time I go out..


I had Moules Frites! Maybe to celebrate that I’m going with the kids to see my family in Belgium tomorrow!

My hubby Erik. He loves to be in my photo’s – NOT! But I asked him to look very much in love- this was the look! Good.


The bar – actually this restaurant is in an old fire station. Should have taken more general photo’s but I guess you just have to go there and see for yourselves!


William morris and me in the ladies room! A wallpaper you simply never get bored of.


I also like when you hang lace on the toilet door like this. Such a lovely detail.

It was a great night. Good food and we ended it by going to the movies. We watched Gone Girl. I didn’t like the book but I enjoyed the movie! Or the book is ok but I wasn’t awed like so many others. Oh anyway. Have you seen it?


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TBT Flying with us to Nebraska

Skarby Lincoln from Jens Gronberg on Vimeo.

Next week I´m taking the tribe out west. To Lincoln Nebraska, USA.

I have a been booked to do some interior photo shoots there and a few Christmas features (for Swedish magazines). As this opportunity came to me we instantly decided to go early- work and then stay for Christmas. Jens can work from anywhere really and the kids can visit with their American cousins while Jens and I are busy.

VIDEO ABOVE: Jens made the video , 5 years ago, when we went to Nebraska. Back then I was a blonde and our family was only the 3 of us.

PS.You who have read this blog for a while know that I have to siblings who live in Nebraska.
They went as exchange students when they were only 17 and ended up staying. Since then I´ve tried to visit as often as possible. Last time was Christmas of 2012. You can see all those posts here! Like when we took our picture with santa  and Viola went to her cousin´s school to talk about Lucia


Music by Steely Dan (family favorite)

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One image evey hour Thursday in Isabelles life



08.00 School starts at 08.15 for Della so mostly me & Beppe take it a bit slower after the other two has left the building. I’m such a slow starter. But once I get my speed up – nothing can stop me! We’re eating porridge.



09.00 We left for preschool really late this day and before leaving I like to put our “dog” on cleaning mode.


10.00 At my desk at home for a couple of hours. My hands are really pink so very far from green. Remember this baby? I killed it in less than a month. I really want more plants at home but don’t know how to do it.


11.00 went for a long walk. First stop here in Old Town (Gamla Stan) where I have my chiropractor. I’ve had cramps in my neck from not exercising enough. Need more yoga. And more sleep. These telephone booths will probably be a museum soon.



12.00 I walked further to Kungsholmstorg. A quick stop in this kind of Moroccan boutique called Tabbouli House. I’m on a lookout for a new sofa table. Like this one with mirrors.


13.00 Me & Beppe’s new passport where ready so I went to pick them up. I look like Cruella De Vil. I think I can pull of photo’s rather well but never on my driving license or passports. Beppe is such a cutie though.


14.00 Walking back the to south side of town. I always take photos of viaduct and under bridges. But you can almost never see the beauty or the massive feel of it when you look at the images. It’s the same with sunsets I guess.


15.00 I went to do something on Götgatsbacken. This is an office space on the first floor. Suck a great idea painting it like this. I should do it on the kids windows!


16.00 Took the subway down town and passed Old Town again. Tired commuters longing for home.


17.00 But not me! I had a date with this gal – Anna. I’ve known her since first grade – 32 years! We went to Bouqerian. I go there alot. Love the food and the ambiance.



At 18.00 me and Anna are still LOL-ing around. I had langostios, vongole & tuna! mm getting hungry just thinking about it.


19.00 Anna is preggers so we made it an early night. Me on the subway back home.



20.00 My hubby was in Budapest so my mother in law stayed with the kids. She’s awesome!

Thank you for today!


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That zebra jacket!


The world keeps spinning round round round when you are 4 years old. But the jacket is a great one! It comes from Pop Up Shop. Very warm and kids friendly.  I got so many questions about it that I thought it was best to give it a post of it’s own!




You can find the jacket right here in this shop.


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Win my wallpapers! And free international shipping this week.


This year I made a wallpaper collection for Mr Perswall – you can see all the different prints right here. And this week they also do a competition so you can win wallpapers to a worth of 600 dollares from my collection. Check it out on this link.


This week Mr PErswall also have free shipping on all international orders! At Mr Perswall you can also find this lovely wallpaper called Blossom. It’s made for one wall but I did all four of them. And the room looks great! This image is from our Rum För kidsen book.


And the wallpaper from my bedroom – is actually a painting – also from Mr Perswall – you can find it here.

All things mr Perswall  on this link.




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Life At Jenny´s house- phone version


Last week the building committee of our town came to check out our (soon to be) studio. It went well. Now the carpenters will take a break over Christmas and return in January to complete the inside.


Jens made yet another 80´s sci fi inspired artwork for record label Axtone. Usually Viola is on the covers but this time it´s Frank.


The weather is getting colder and the bridge has been stripped down.


Frank relaxing at daycare.

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