Summer in Sweden

I found some pictures on my camera that I had forgotten about. Like the one above of me and Jens (we are super excited because we just escaped from a crowded place (our least favorite type of place) without meeting anyone we know. You know the feeling, right?
Below are some other pictures: of our yard, our midsummer and the beach.

1. Jens, Frank and I.
2. Our yard
3. Me and my family
4. My niece Sammy Rose in our studio.
5. Viola and Frank on the beach.

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Am I the only person online?


Today Jens and I are back at our desk, working. (finally) But nothing is the same, no blogs are updated, nothing´s new on youtube and people don´t even seem to be on Instagram.
I miss you guys!!!!
I guess I´ll have to stay focused on work instead.

PS: Isabelle however is doing a wonderful job with her instagram (@isabellemcallister) and blog this summer, updating from their fun packed US-tour.

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Lego game over 💤

Ett foto publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

We´ve been to Legoland for a few days. It´s a 4 hour drive from our house crossing both the Öresunds bridge and the overwhelming Stora Belt bridge in Denmark.
It was great and totally exhausting. Frank loves that place so much and almost fell asleep on top of the bricks.

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Here´s Johnny!! and Justin and Jenny


I´m sure you thought I had left the blog for the summer, but no, I just took a little break. Today I´m back in the studio sporting yet another random outfit.
Have you been following me on Instagram? No? How rude, just kidding, but for real – there are some exciting things over there: Like a DIY project for everyone who has way too many plastic toys. Some midsummer related stuff and also a new account- where Jens and I sell leftover things from our house and studio. (we only ship inside Sweden though.) @dosfamilysale

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