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Thank God it´s Monday!

1. I bought a Zach Galifianakis bathing suit. I´m hanging this on my wall as a reminder that summer will soon be back and I can go swimming in the ocean again. Unfortunately I wont be wearing this awesome piece because it´s too small for me. (this is what I sounded like when I realized it did not fit)
2. Another bearded man I like.
3. Poisonous berries
4. Sometimes this is the only reasonable reaction towards life.
5. I made this!

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The Fine little Day Book is out


I hope you follow the super talent Elisabeth Dunker and her blog Fine Little day or her Instagram with the same title. She also runs a webshop! And now adding up to this eminent pile of all this creativity she just released a book! And it’s great!


This is Elisabeth in what I think a perfect photo of her somehow. Cause she really out there and very distinct in what she does but still a little secret and the woods are somehow always present. Well done!


The book has a bit of everything. House visits, her telling about her story and how she works, DIY tips, cool stuff, recycling.


I guess just a mix of things she likes, makes and sees – pretty much as her blog. Very nice.


In my mind Elisabeth is truly unique. In her way of doing and seeing things! love it so much.


And for me many of the ideas just works. Like that pillow with the feet  – prints from everyone in her family (?) it could be so corny but when she does it – it’s just art. I guess some people just have that talent. The book is full of ideas, a bit messy and just wonderful!

Well done Elisabeth!

You can buy the book here.


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I’m hosting a Instagram magazine called Ljus – Instagrammagasinet Ljus

I have a new job- a very fun one! I will be the editor of an Instagram magazine called Ljus – Light in Swedish. I’ve been asked to give my best lighting advise from Philips and the publish them all on their Instagram account called PhilipsLightingNordic

Check it out!

In Swedish:

Under närmsta månaden med start idag så är jag redaktör för en ny instagramtidning som kallas för Ljus. Jag kommer ge mina bästa belysningstips och man kommer kunna tävla om en belysningskonsultation med mig och Philips.

Kolla instagramkontot PhilipsLightingNordic!

Trevlig helg

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It’s #OfficialDanceFriday again!

Y’all know it’s official dance Friday right?

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Isabelle McAllister Dosfamily (@isabellemcallister) den

Yeah- it started 3 weeks ago on Instagram. I was bored and had been sitting too long in front of my computer. So I had to shake it off a bit. Just had a spur of the moment. And now I wish for all of you to join! Film your feet, your legs or eyes, sit down and dance- anything goes. Just shake whatever you have and then post it under #officialdancefriday!

It will be great!


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Life sized girl sculpture bust


On a hot summer day I found myself standing in line for yet another fleamarket. My sister was visiting from Nebraska and she wanted to go to as many as possible. (we went from the beach to a fleamarket then back to beach -then fleamarket- food- beach. and so on) Her luggage was slowly but surely filling up with silver plates, Christmas decorations and everything else “Swedish”. She even bought a grandfather clock (taller then myself) – took it to pieces and packed it in her suitcase. (this sure beats everything I´ve ever hauled home in my suitcase from Nebraska)

So anyway… I found this girl sitting on a table surrounded by golden angels, ashtrays (!) and other knickknacks. The seller who was in charge of the table let me buy her for nearly noting.

Today I´m going to put a chalk stick in Jens hand and have him doodle on her.


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Got a new Pinterest hobby


because we’re moving! Yeah! after looking at apartments for over a year we finally bought a new one! First we thought about selling this place and take the money and move to Mexico, LA or somewhere you can find great avocados but instead we ‘re moving a couple of houses further on the same street. Not that adventurous but until we made good plans it will be great! The place is a kind of a loft with two floors,  beams a sauna and a fireplace. There is some things to fix – otherwise I would never buy it but it is all very do-able! Oh can’t wait to get my hands on it!


But until then I collect all sorts of inspiration on my Pinterest. I’ve had an account for a long time but never been an avid pinner.


Now this need to change so check it out if you feel like it. I will also post updates about the new home along the way!


Image sources
2. barbie skirt
3. Best wall paint
4. lovely bathroom


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