Keeping it nice and simple with gifs


In every situation I prefer expressing my mood with a gif rather then with words.
The honey boo boo gif above is me reacting to the new feature in the Facebook Messenger app allowing me to send gifs.

Have you seen it? It is so great. While typing in the app on you phone you can access a big library of gifs by pressing the magnifying glass.
I´m hooked and have stopped using letters all together. Here are a few examples of my communicating:


This one is soooooooo useful.


This is the answer to:
“Hey Jenny! How did it go at the hairdresser?”


When my PMS is over I send this to Jens saying “hmm so… you know I love you… I was just being… you know… we can laugh about it now, right?.”


This one is also for Jens saying:
I picked up everything on the grocery list. This is what you can expect of me when I come home”  giphy4

This is the same as above but on a different day…


This is: “I´m up, I´m up!”
After several texs from Jens saying “Hey Jenny! you really need to get up now”


When Viola and I sold a bunch of stuff at the local fleamarket and mom asked:
“How did it go?


This is what I want to tell my phone when it reminds me of an old voicemail.


When Jens texts me:
“Did you watch all the seasons of (enter any random show here) already!? How is that possible, when did you find the time?”


I send this to Jens when we´ve been invited to some “thing”



This is what I send to Jens when he says he might have to work and I have to take the kids to IKEA by myself.


and then this…

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Photographing Vikings fight


This is what work has been like lately for me.


PS. It´s a battle of Vikings at the Trelleborgen.

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Roses growing tall

jennyfromdosfamily2 (1 of 1)

My roses are so tall this year I don´t even have to go outside to pick them.


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Our unmade bed

jennyfromdosfamily2 (1 of 1)

Just look at this pretty mess. I think I´ll climb back down in it.

Here are some other unmade beds I´ve photographed.

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One week in Landskrona


This week we are in Landskrona, a town by the coast in Skåne, Sweden.
We are borrowing an apartment, close to the kids cousins, who live here. Frank wants to play with them 24/7 so it´s very nice being so close to them for once. Our plan is to hang out, go to the beach and visit a carnival in town.

PS. On our way here we thrifted a Playmobile ship for Frank, he´s been wanting one for a long time.


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My Instagram game has been pretty decent lately. You are following me right? @jennyfromdosfamily


1. Viola rollerblading in our studio.
2. Farmers here are using pink plastic this year , supporting the fight against breast cancer.
3. Frank watching Sofia the First. Over and over and over again.
4. I bought some old TV-set and this one works. We are going to use it for our old Nintendo console.
5. It ain´t warm but still pretty nice.


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