Rent our house this summer


While we are in the USA we will be putting our house up for rent.
Read more about it, in Swedish, here!
And on Airbnb here!

It´s 9000 SEK per week. (Fully booked in July)
You can easily fit two families that are traveling together and don´t mind sharing bathrooms and kitchen.

Here are some of the perks with our cozy house:
Pink kitchen!
Big purple table with room for 10 people.
Very good WiFi
Nice seating outside.
A garden in full bloom.
There is a zoo in our village, with a pool.
If you´re into curches there is one right next door. (super old and cool)
There are lots of vinyls, a washer and dryer.
Lots of TVchannels and chromecast.
Close to Ystad (10KM), the beach in Svarte (6KM) and trainstation that can take you to Copenhagen in less then an hour.




Floorplan above:
First floor:
Dining room
Tv roomBathrom

Studio (connected to the hose with a sliding door.
We can make room for 1 family here  (4-5 beds)

Second floor: (Not in the floorplan-picture)
Bathroom, with bathtub.
I dubble bedroom, with room for a crib.
2 kids room (4beds)







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Dos Visits Hej-Regina in Malmö, Sweden


I´ve been wanting to photograph this home for a long time. And this week it finally happend. Agnes, or you might know her by her blog alias “Hej Regina“, sent me a mail saying that they are moving and asked if I could take the pictures for the upcoming sale. A gladly excepted.

The sun was shining upon the city of Malmö that day, the birds were chirping and people moved slowly on the sidewalk were I parked. A couple stopped for a kiss right beside me as I called Agnes to buzz me up. Agnes let me in and then continued to work on her macbook in the kitchen as I walked around clicking my camera at everything that caught my eye.
Agnes has so many thrifty and creative solutions in her home and I´m def. stealing a few of them. Like the cloud carpet by the door, the empty globe decorated with triangles and I need to get a indoor hammock asap.

Have a look I think you´ll like this home!


One loveseat and one IKEA Karlstad sofa. Notice how she´s raised two of the bookshelfs from the floor with a base and left one on the floor.


…here is a closer look.


Cabinet marked by old stickers.

DIY decor behing the headboard.




A small office in the bedroom.8B7B5688a

DU= is “You” in Swedish.
Carpet from Ellos. (PS: I´ve been wanting this carpet for so long).  jennyfromdosfamily2-5681jennyfromdosfamily2-5769

Raindrops on the wall, sunshine outside      8B7B5978a

DIY cloud carpet and vinyl triangles on the tile.


Giddy up brass horse8B7B5810-2jennyfromdosfamily2-5787

Here´s that globe I was talking about.jennyfromdosfamily2-5742

Love the masking she´s done here. And see more of the board here!



Kitchen facing the backyard.


Is that you Agnes?jennyfromdosfamily2-5854

I forgot to ask Agnes what song this is.


Thank you for having me over.
Good luck with the new house.

You can see a few more pictures on the brokers ad, click here!

And follow Agnes blog here!

Photos By me, Jenny Brandt

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Life in Jenny´s garden

jennyfromdosfamily2-5374We are keeping it real in the garden these days. It´s so pretty and nice here right now, and warm, finally.


Some are alive and kickin, others are slowly but surley moving towards the grave.


On top of the burger place.



The door to our studio is getting darker.

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Wednesday Morning – and some Justin


It is so warm and nice today. We need to go to the beach as soon as we are done working.

But first let´s watch the “Where Are U Now” video (that FINALLY came out yesterday) 30 times together.
Such a great freaking song.


Now all I need is for the Feeling myself video to get on Youtbe and then I´m all good.

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Monday Morning


Good morning.
This weekend was spent sorting, selling and getting rid of stuff.

I went through our house like a tornado, looking for things to sell, leaving nothing untouched. I sorted books, toys, clothes and various boxes with random things. (Since Frank has seen Toy Story 2 he is terrified for his toys at this very moment). Viola and I sold some things at a local fleamarket, you know the kind where you set up your own table. We made 1000 sek (about 100 dollars). That really whet my appetite and encouraged me to continue. Back home I started listing things online, and one thing after another got sold.

Such a satisfying feeling. I´ve been putting this off for years.

(S I D E T R A C K)
WOW! Do you know what just happend?! As I´ve told you before I´m currently listening to . Erkin Koray – Türkü while I work. This has become quite a routine for me and now I really crave that Turkish melody as I´m working. And you know how Youtube randomly chooses videos for you that resembles what you´ve searched for, right? well now youtube played me this tune Mazhar Ve Fuat, that I´ve never heard before but I sure as hell have heard it sampled, in Action Bronson´s marvellous Easy Rider. (That I wrote about here)
(I know a little googling could have told me about this sampling, but it was a nice surprise to have it just turn up on me like this)

Sorry about the sidetrack from my original post but blogging is just like life, it can throw you in an unexpected direction.
So here you go: Action Bronson´s Easy Rider, a treat for the ear and the eye.



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Picking up some TVs


Viola and I took a little roadtrip today. I had “won” 3 old TV-sets on an online aution and I had to pick them up in Sjöbo. It´s about 30 minutes ride from our house. I brought my camera along and we stopped here ant there and posed for pictures in the summer sceanary. jennyfromdosfamily2-5349

It was so worth it. Just look at them- so cute. They can´t pick up any of our modern channels but we are going to hook them up with some old console, like the Nintendo NES.

PS. This week I´m playing this song a lot. Erkin Koray – Türkü

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