We are back home ready for 2015

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It´s so nice being back home again. Our Nebraska trip was nothing short of great. And now we are ready to start 2015 with a bang. (The kind of bang you hear at a construction site.) First thing we want to do besides work is get the studio in order.

Here are a few other things that I´m looking forward to:
Getting back to school and routines.
Jens is turning 40 this January and we will celebrate by going away on a short trip (the sunny kind of trip).

I´m also looking forward to the new season of Sister Wives.
Frank is hoping that the season no. 3 of Rescue Bots will be available on Netflix.
and Viola is looking forward to new episodes from the Youtuber Miranda Sings.

That´s it for now.


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The unicorn bunkbed needs a new home!


Since we will not have place for this tremendous loft bed in our new home I’ve put up this bed for sale over at Blocket. Hope any of you feel the need for a real unicorn at home!


I wont be selling the bed underneath since it s an old family bed but it is possible to just put any other bed instead. Or put it up a bit lower (just cut a piece of the birch) and use the curtains as a hideaway straight on the floor!
I will miss this bed. But I’m so ready moving!

Find the ad for the bunk bed right here.


I also sell this shelf – the ad you can find right over here.
The only white corner in the whole apartment.


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Nebraska in pictures part 9 Going home


We left Nebraska on New Years eve. Frank discovered the cool water fountains at the airport and wanted to drink out of them with out me holding him.


1. Bye bye Nebraska see you soon. 2. Frank fell a sleep in the car to the airport. Woke up and told us that since he already took a nap he was not going to sleep at all on the plane. Great. 3. Me and Frank listening to Viola talk about all the Youtubers she is now subscribing to.  4. Frank was not able to keep his promise from picture no.2


Traveling on New Years Eve has it´s advantages. You have the whole airport to yourself.

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Nebraska in pictures part 8


Frank likes cars. When he looks at cars he always states the mood of the car depending on how it´s headlights look. Some looks angry, some happy, some sad. One day when we went shopping Frank noticed this car, with eyelashes. “This car looks very kind” Frank decided.


1. Frank in the search of a playground. 2. So many snack options so little snack time. 3 Viola reading a book from a mini library. In those tiny boxes you can donate books or pick up a new one to read. Such a great idea. 4. My sister house.


Nice logos at the grocery store.



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Nebraska in pictures part 7


Sweden is so dark during December, sooooo painfully dark.  The Nebraska winter sure is a lot colder but the sun is out all the time. I´m going to miss all that light. In the picture above Viola is taking my sister´s dog Daisy for a walk on Christmas Day. (the candles are still out on the streets as you can see)



1. I love dresses with pockets and I found one at GAP´s mega sale that I wore for Christmas. 2. On the 29th I celebrated my 35th birthday with an all-girls-lunch. The staff at the restaurant treated me to a big piece of birthday cake. 3. Every year my sister orders a Swedish cooked ham at a place called Shuster´s. Jens went there to pick it up. You really can´t tell it´s a meat market in there, it looks like an abandoned gas station. But the taste of that ham is lovely. 4. Storm drain.


Garden decor.

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Nebraska in pictures part 6 – graduation and visiting the Capitol


My oh so lovely niece Samantha Rose (to the left) and her cool friends graduated from school the week before Christmas. They are now done with school. Yay!! According to my mom (her grandma) Sammy is the nicest person on the planet. And I love her to pieces. (And yes we named our shop sammyrose.se after her) . The selfie above is taken by superstar football player Ameer Abdullah @Ameerguapo


1. Me at the Capitol in the city of Lincoln where my sister works. 2. The tiles of that building is so pretty. 3. …and so are the statues. 4. Viola checking out the view.


First day here I invested in this 2-piece pyjamas.


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