Days and nights on the beach


As I already told you I´ve become quite the swimmer this summer. With the weather being simply glorious we´ve spent all our time at the beach. It is such an easy breezy time spent there compared to other vaccation madness. Not as much drama as it is at home or going shopping or going to amusment parks etc. (Keep in mind I´m not blaming my kids here, I know I ad a fair share of drama myself) The beach is diffrent. Everyone is happy with just being in the water or playing in the sand, watching the waves, thinking about our next instragam upload, or that (thank God) we don´t have to think about what to serve for dinner cause we´ve already had 8 ice creams today.

Oh the joy!


We live outside of Ystad. Our house is not located by the beach. But it´s pretty close. 5 min by car. Lately we´ve been going to a beach a bit further off called Mossby. It is very crowded during the day but even for me who hates crowds- it´s worth it. The beach is broad and pretty as can be. There are not even any sharp rocks in the water just sand to put your bare feet on. And if you go there at night you can have the whole beach to yourself.dosfamily8B7B1087

Jens put together a little Instagram- film about it. Watch it below…








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29/52 Jenny From DosFamily


Selfie from week no. 29- Me swimming

My entire life as a grown-up I´ve been avoiding swimming. I´ve been a so called “Badkruka” (Swedish word for someone who sits on the beach while everyone else is in the water). I´ve had so many excuses: “I don´t feel like it”, “I forgot my bikini” or simply “The dog ate my bikini”

In June when the weather started to warm up for real I gave myself a very stern look in the mirror and told myself:
“Jenny Elisabeth Viola Brandt- your days as a “Badkruka” is over! this summer you are going to swim every time the opportunity is presented to you”

Jenny in the mirror tried to look away, mumbling something like “sure.. as long as I have my bathing suite.. you know sometimes I really do forget it..”
But the other Jenny wouldn’t have it and told me:
“Oh stop your whining- put you big girl (bikini) pants on and stop being such a baby”.

It has really worked out for me, and I´ve been swimming like never before.
And except for all the sand in my hair, bed and shoes it is really really nice.


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Life At jenny´s House


Summer is treating us good this year. We´ve been busy hanging out with my sister and her family. The cousins have been playing and even Viola and Frank has been getting along nicely. This is Frank and Viola from this morning. Dressing each other is a great game.


From our bookshelf


My sister  (who is here visiting) lives in Nebraska. Last year they got to know a German family there. They where living there only for a while and unfortunately they had to move back to Europe. Lat week they came here to visit in a big camper. The kids all wanted to play in the camper and it was like the best playhouse.





A garden is growing like crazy


Women in our bedroom.

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28/52 Jenny From DosFamily


Week no. 28- Me working.

Caption from my Instagram:

“I just got home from a photo shoot at @pearottosson . His son Ebbe hung out with me during the shoot. He had seen me in a picture before I came over and he had told his parents that I looked cute. When I met him this morning he told me he wants to become a cake baker when he grows up. But when I left he had changed his mind- when he grows up he wants to be a “picture taker””



See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Dirt off my shoulders


This house was build in 1825 and it would surprise me if it hasn’t been cleaned properly at all during this time. Or heey what do I know? But it sure feels like it. I’ve been talking about this house before- and old shed that was used for keeping food and grains that I rebuild last year and turned it into a sauna and a guest house – check it out here.


I already started to clean some parts last year but it’s hard work so I kept some. I had to change water every square meters and then clean it again. so I guess 4 buckets/square meters. In Sweden we say Intresseklubben antecknar translated something like “Yeah Isabelle – really friggin interesting stuff you’re telling now – let me take some notes” But for my excuse I’ll say I’m just mesmerized by how dirty it was. Must have used 10 liters of linseed oil on the whole lot.


But cleaning has never felt this good when you can see such a big difference between after & before.


Work it! All the walls, the ceiling and floors. This post is about giving me proper credits. And to show my family in the future how hard it was. And yes,  I wore lipstick – first time in a month but if it’s cleaning day you have to spice it up- remember this old post?


The best thing when taking care of the house like this is to try to figure out all the things that have happened inside. In the 70′ they moved the house from another village to our garden. It was a gift to my husbands grandmother. Since then it’s been standing here completely empty. Or like my mother in law like to say – we had a party there in the 80′s… When cleaning the walls I found this note: ‘I was here September 13 1902 AE Hansson’, I think it’s says. The year 1825 is also carved in to the wall as well as the name of the man who made the house. But was else has happened in here? I would love to know the whole history. Just think about the future. Probably they will have so much information about all of us. And since women rule the blogging world there will be alot of info from a female perspective. I wish they had Internet in 1800.


Now I’m done cleaning it’s time to decorate for real. The best part. I will do a little lounge with a sofa/guest bed downstairs. And a really long built in sofa upstairs and a big bed. Also make some space for a yoga mat, it will be perfect for yoga. I’ll show you everything when I get there!


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Gone Camping


After hanging in our house for a couple of weeks we needed some adventure so we borrowed the neighbors tent and took off. The happiness I feel just sitting in a car and going to unknown destinations is not of this world. Yeah we where just going for an half an hour,  a couple of miles away but still. Not knowing what and how was great. I believe We do lots of things with our kids but life in a family can still get a bit conform. I love that as well but I also need to shake it up sometimes even if it is just for a day.


We where told about this pretty little lake. There where supposed to be a camping place and a little further away we found a perfect spot for us. We where all alone surrounded by water. In my heart I feel like an adventurer – a jungle woman with survival skills but I don’t think I would last a couple of days like Crusoe. And I’m getting more and more comfy by the day and even worse with the years. But it was fun and we all did well hence being newbies.


Pretty nice view! Today I heard there are leaches in there. They didn’t get me though! Phew!  Every time I think about leaches I think about the movie Stand By me. I watched it so many times as a kid. Do you follow tv_with_jenny_and_jens on Instagram? You should! Watch their Stand By me scene here.


Since the weather was fantastic and we didn’t really planned this trip in advance. I’d cooked some food we had at home and brought it along as on a picnic. Basically we brought everything worth chewing on. There are bears in the woods but no one that I know or have met up here have every seen one so we didn’t hang our food up in a tree. Maybe that’s somethings they do only in the movies? I believe everything I watch.


Small secret bridges, floating islands, insects, birds, fish and fun things to explore everywhere. That’s what I call adventure.


Even the blueberries were ripe. And very yummy.


Della is our fisherwoman. When I tried the casting rod – it always ended up in the tree behind me. But that’s fine. I rather like the fish staying in the sea.


The lake is surrounded by eskers which makes the nature dramatic and fun. Highs and lows.


Beppe took his pants off at seven cause he wanted to go to bed. Something that have never happened before. But with all the excitement he was out at around eleven. I guess first night in a tent made some rather bonkers…


And others rather zen – like. OR maybe just brain dead.


At 0200 I woke up and went outside. It was all foggy and something was making a weird kind of Vuvuzela animalistic sound. I have no idea what kind of animal it was- sounded funny and strange. And luckily small.


I dreamed about 150 bears surrounding the tent. Totally at ease… I remember the first night when I back packed around South America – some ten years ago and slept in the jungle for the first time (for real!! but it was in a village in a proper bed, inside a house) but all the sounds over there. Sweden is so quiet if you compare it to the Brazilian Woods. At the time I thought snakes and lizards and other slimy cold things would creep into my bed. But this time no bears and in Brazil no creepy things. Not even cockroaches. I could just enjoy the full moon.


During the night our airbeds lost all the air and it got very cold. I can’t say I slept like a baby but it was still great.



This one never stops swimming.


My boys in the morning.


Close by there was this Slogbod, It’s a hut with a fireplace outside. Inside some swallows had a little nest. So we moved far from it to give them some space. The sound the make when they swooosh by and the way the fly is amazing!


Beppe is making toast. If I knew there was a fireplace – I would have brought a more grand breakfast. But that’s kind of part of the game – camping and keeping it simple goes hand in hand.

Yes we are the real MacGyvers now. Or maybe at least on our way. Something I can happily say now when I’m back in front of my computer. But I guess thats the thing. You don’t have to go all in. Camp for a week and do it full on. You can go away for a day and then do it soon again.
But I enjoy the idea of knowing I could handle more nature. Getting more outdoorsy. In the same way I want to be able to build my own house (getting there as well).  But maybe I also need to learn how to cook properly and for that I don’t really have any patience.


Some more fishing before heading back home. And no we didn’t catch any. And no mosquitoes!
In the same way being out skiing all day – camping also makes you feel like a parent of the year. Rozy cheeks, being outdoorsy, poor mobile coverage all adds up to that award. Yeah there was some whining at times but far less than any random normal day at home and the sleeping didn’t match a fancy hotel but we all agreed we have to do it again. Some time soon.


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