Our next door beekeeper

jennyfromdosfamily2-3596-3Our neighbour is a beekeeper. He let me take some pictures of his bees last week.
The bees are so fascinating, very busy and devoted to their queen. jennyfromdosfamily2-3617

Workers and drones.


The buzzing from the bees makes a pretty soundtrack to our landscape.




Honey in the basement. Sweet

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Space saver – combine a wardrobe and a staircase leading up to a ceiling hammock


Today I want to show you the makeover we did when we turned our office into Viola´s room. The room has a high ceiling with visable beams. In other words perfect for a hammock-like nest. Or as Isabelle would say: “It would be a crime NOT putting a net up there”
The room is very small and the only place we could fit a wardrobe was on this very wall, so I decided to combine a staircase with the wardrobe, built from left-over kitchen cabinets, ikea dressers and MDF boards.


This is the before picture: Our office. (such a mess)


We emptied the room and gathered all the furniture from the basement that we could use. (The 3 white cabinets used to be a part of our old kitchen in our old apartment, and the 2 small dressers are ikea Malm bedside-tables)


Then we built the wardrobe/staircase around them. We bought 3 cabinet doors from Ikea (it was cheaper than MDF board) for 3 units. At the end we made a small stepping stool also out of MDF. Lastly we added steps on top. jennyfromdosfamily2-3333-3

Viola and I decorated the inside of the wardrobe with a cute role of wallpaper that we found at a fleamarket.jennyfromdosfamily2-3337-3 jennyfromdosfamily2-3339-3jennyfromdosfamily-08

My dad, the car-painter painted all the fronts for us in the color Lindblomma from Beckers. And we painted the steps with Körsbärsblom from Beckers. (they work so well together)
The wallpaper did not last all the way so one cabinet got a splash of watermelon pink inside. Color Vattenmelon from Beckers.

The net is from ScanCord and the soft wall to wall carpet is from Mässinteriör and the wall is painted with chalckboard paint.

PS: Viola´s room was featured in our (mine and Iabelle´s) book Room for Kids.
PS2: Want more kid room inspo? Check out Isabelle´s show here !

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What about the garden?


Well let me tell you. It´s been pouring down the last month here in Sweden and everything is soaked and pretty depressing in the garden.
And sure, flowers need water to grow but hey, they need some freaking sun as well. Anyway here are some old, but sunnier posts from my garden:
Garden stuff easy as 1-2-3
Garden stuff easy as 4-5-6

PS: Viola, above, is wearing a headpiece from her grandmother Christin´s garden (that somehow always look great, just like Viola.)


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Life At Jenny´s house


The kids spent the midsummer with their friends and we were able to take som pictures of them in their flower wreath. Today I´m working, it´s raining outside and the sound of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is keeping me company.

jennyfromdosfamily2-5288jennyfromdosfamily2-5262-2 jennyfromdosfamily2-5304

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Midsummer weekend at our house


Have a nice midsummer weekend.
See you monday.


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House for sale in our area


Wanna move to Skåne, Sweden?
Then check out this sweet house in our area. When the family decided to sell they asked me to take the pictures for the realtor, so I did.
It´s built in 1927, it has a really nice garden and it´s a 10 minute walk to the ocean.
See the house ad here! dosfamily-8B7B9886dosfamily-a8B7B9634  dosfamily-8B7B9648dosfamily8B7B9713 dosfamily8B7B9753dosfamilya8B7B9780dosfamily8B7B9401dosfamilya8B7B9804

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