Life At Jenny´s House


Even though we don´t have any trees in our yard we have piles and piles of leaves. Why? you ask. Because the curch across from our house have plenty of Chestnut trees in it´s park. And when their leaves  fall they gravitate across the street into our yard.

This gives the kids something to do outside. After a lot of convincing (threats) they came with me outside to rake the leaves while I took some pictures.


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Korean Artist Lee Sol


Just in time for your coffee break here is a new Instagram account to brighten your day.
At @venusmansion you can see the wonderful work by Korean artist Lee Sol.

If you are into any of these things you´ll like it:
My Little Pony, Jeff Koons, Pink Flamingos or Coppola´s Marie Antoinette.

That´s it go follow.
venus2 venus4  venus14venus5

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When Viola was 6


Found this old photo of Viola in her grandmother´s old tutu. Too cute.
Today I´m hanging all the Christmas lights on my house. So I´ve got to go now. Bye

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Tattoo removal- early Christmas present for myself at A Bushel & a Peck


There are so many phenomenal, clever and creative tattos in the world. (Like Mirijams above)
But mine is not one of them.
I had a tattoo made when I was 17. It´s a lizzard on my foot. Not well made or anything. Just dull and it makes shopping for shoes such a drag.

For years I´ve been wanting to have it removed but I just never found a place I felt comfortable with. Untill now, when I´ve found Mirijam Geyerhofer. (Insert heart eye emoji)
I have been following Mirijam on Instagram for a long time, and now she finally has her own tattoo removal studio in Malmö.

I decided to get myself an early Christmas gift and made a reservation.

I wont lie to you: It hurt like hell. But it ´s so quick.
Jens came a long to take some pictures.


Look how white it looks after the laser hits. This wears off after a few minutes.


Shades to protect your eyes from the laser.


So this is 15 minutes after the first laser treatment. It´s faded quite a bit but we still have far to go of course.
We´ve made 5 more appointments, 6 weeks apart. Perhaps I´ll need more treatments than that though. Anyway after my 6 th appointment I´m going shopping for some nice open flats.

Most of Mirijams clients come in for laser treatments on their tattoos because they want to do a new tattoo on top, a cover up. Then they only come in 3 or 4 times.
But in my case we´re aiming for a fairly clean skin.

So excited!
I´ll keep you posted.


Here are all the info you need if you want to follow or book Mirijam , at “A Bushel & a Peck”
On Facebook
Instagram @a_bushel_and_a_peck






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Monday morning back to work


A picture of our beach finds to start this Monday off right,

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Filming with Jenny And Jens


We´re trying to do a short presentation film of ourselves this week. But it is so hard and apparently I sound very goofy.
Anyway here are some stills from the film. I´ll let you know when and if it gets done.


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