Thank God for photo filters in October

This time of the year, every year is pretty much the same thing. I work too much, stress too much and get sick. It started with me thinking I could play golf. Stretched my back to far, got a neck cramp. Worked out less than I did all year and at the end got sick. I also did like a million small and big jobs. One day I started with writing a small chapter for book that comes out next year (we are all different people writing different chapters) then I rushed over to SVT – the TV house with studios and so on. To do voice overs for my show Maxat. From there I went to an ad firm to have  a meeting about a new job for a big interior company and then I got dressed to go to hosting the prize ceremony gala for Polhemspriset.  It’s for great Swedish innovations. The Swedish king was even there. Well it has been like that for a while.

At home my Palettblad (Plectranthus scutellarioides) is taking over the house. Damn the thing can grow. // & I found a new turban.

I also went to Husligheters celebrating 10 years. And gave her parts of my big plants in this glass jar. Looks cool I think. (The idea came from my local flower shop- thank you!

This week I went to Gothemburg and worked there. Nice plant in the hotel window. // And school is out. So I worked from home watching Della watching Stranger Things!

I also did some work in this fantastic office! Don’t know who made it but it sure was great!

And I love how Siri Calrén painted these windows! // And yes we’ve still been playing a lot of ball. Even tough it’s dark and hard to even see the goals. Grit – I’ll tell ya!

Prune, prune, prune was the advise I got about my polka dot begonia so I did and it blossomed!

Tomorrow I go for a couple of weeks to Bali! Hopefully I will have the time to blog some about it. My friend Jennifer just moved there with her family – read about her journey right here!


Ps! I also have SOOOO MUCH to tell about the #metoo. But I’m working on a longer post about it. My brain just have to sort it all out!
But wow – what a vulcano eruption these past weeks has been!

We also had 13 – 11 years olds over for a sleep over! Crazy but fun! And I wonder why I’m just a tad tired now?