Our house in print

The mailman has been so good to me lately. Brought me some books that I’ve been involved in.

From the top.
1. “A Beautiful Mess” by Claire Bingham.  Claire decribes the homes in this book like this: “They are the “follow-your-own-path” interior, where a house becomes a home through participation, not perfection. They are far from precious. They are about having fun” Our home has it’s own chapter in this book: “House of fun”. 

2. “So wohnen wir” by Marion Hellweg. I photographed the cover story for this book at @pearottossons home, and it looks really nice.

3. “Modern Living – scandinavian style” by Claire Bingham.
Here I talk about how my heart beats for disco balls and how I need several tables for all my projects and that importance of not taking yourself to seriously.