Today is Monday and Jens and I are back in the studio. Well I guess Jens isn’t really “back” cause he has not left it all weekend. He’s been working nonstop, poor thing. Me and the kids on the other hand have been outside in the yard admiring danelions, baby birds and the grass between our toes.

If I make a 180 degree turn from my computer screen I face this shelf. This is where we play old video games and music in different forms.

If I turn another 90 degrees I see this. The brighter part of our studio, where I shoot, paint and mess around with stuff.

If I get up and tippy toe towards the brighter part this is what I see on my left side: 3 sliding MDF boards for wallpaper, mood boards and pictures, that I can slide around however I like.

Turning back to the darker side, this is what I see: archives, pink envelopes, and Sweden among other things.

So here I am, back at the screen, ready for some hard core work.

Bye bye