The interior alternative you’ve been looking for

Here is my fave picture of myself.

So much to look at, perfect for a brain exercise:
Can you see these object?
I spy with my litle eye…

  1. a Care Bear glass
  2. a girl looking at her toes
  3. a plastic bag
  4. a Tabasco bottle
  5. a rag rug
  6. a wooden butter knife
  7. red scissors

Have fun!



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May 31 at 10:05 AM

easy, peasy task. found it all in minute. but I love this image for a million reasons on top.

Andi Williamsreply
June 17 at 06:06 AM

Is the Tabasco bottle the one with the red cap behind your right arm? hahah I love those photos/stickers of along with the “girl looking at her toes”.

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