Taped to a bed, dressed like a footballer & stuck to a Velcro wall – all before 10 in the morning.

I also learned how to use a milling machine and how to tie a bowline knot.

So this is what my days looks like. Every morning I leave my house at 07.20. An hour later (listening to the podcast s-town by the same producers as serial) I’m on set. We start with a meeting and what feels like2 minutes later it’s lunch. “3 minutes” after lunch we go home to sleep for “5 minutes” then we start all over. All because it’s so much fun the days flies by.

The days are crazy and fun. And hilarious and inventive and so much nerds in one place. Do I need to say I love every minute of it? But I don’t have time for much else. I’ve been crashing into bed every night at 9. It’s all so much to take in. Brain overload.

 Just look at this giant tooth brush. Almost 3 meters tall. Took one of the handy guys – Peter about an hour to make. Can you see the toilet brushes on top! Luv it. Have to find a way to steal this from the production when we are done. My husband will love to have it here at home. Not.

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Got to go to bed now!