My best picture ever and my biggest scar


This is the best photo I’ve ever taken.
It’s a portrait of my parents who I hold so very dear: Bengt and Doris. In this photo they are wearing masks that they use in their auto shop. Dad, on the left is wearing a sandblasting mask and mom is wearing a welding helmet. Their shop is located right next to our house so this is what they’ve looked like alot during my upbringing. Me and my siblings walked back and forth from the house to the garage every time we needed them for something like food or help finding a toy or just for their company.


My dad is a big fan of astronomy. For as long as I can remember he’s been talking to us about the galaxies beyond and all of the mysterious secrets it hold.
When I was a kid he would drag us out of the house at night to watch particularly bright stars or rare constallations. He had his own body paint shop and used to work late in his garage, listening to the radio, smoking while looking at stars. If he saw something out of the ordinary he called us to come look. He did not even care if we were in the middle of an episode of Dallas, we had to come out and look.
Once, when I was around 10 yrs old and my sister was 5 yr, he stormed into the livingroom urging us: “Come quick! There is an aurora” This is extremly rare in our part of Sweden, and I have not seen one since. Anyway we all stumbled out in the dark and followed dad to a field with tall grass behind our garage. We were all mesmerized by the beautiful light in the sky. I heard dad say someting to mom like: “I think this is what music looks like..” then BAAM – I fell down screaming. I had walked right into a sharp piece of tractor equipment and even though I could not see it I could feel the blood pouring down my leg. I still have a big ugly scar to prove it. It probably should have been stitched up but since my mom is really hard core she does not belive in going to the hospital unless you really, really have to. Plus didn´t I mention that Dallas was on?

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Phil Lawry
March 3, 2017 at 16:46

Your dad and I are twins! 19/7 many years ago…