Amazing Friday links!

I’ve been having a week that started on set for a new film thing I’m doing and ended in my sofa for a couple of days out of pure exhaustion. The past month I’ve been working pretty much non stop. That is how I do it. Take looooong vacations and then work my ass off. I think I delivered 7 jobs the past 1,5 weeks… A bit crazy but also fun.
but after craziness I had to switch off. So been watching old jane Austen movies and staring at the wall for a while. I’ll get back about it in another post.

But other stuff this week that made me happy.

1. Above the new campaign from H&m is one. Diversity is always ALWAYS better and more interest and fun!
2. Swedish Barnkanalen – the main network for kids TV – they will change the voices on all cartoons so it will be equallly boys and girls! Yay! such a simple thing. A bear, flower, car or whatever can be both sexes! Very happy about this. I’ve been talking and thinking about it for ages!

3. I worked with Amanda Nilsson last. She is a photographer and was assisting last weeks job. When we where all done she gives us this most amazing performance. We where all amazed and cheering and crying – so awesome (in Sweidhs though) <3

4. I got invited to the Bridget Jones & Baby movie with a pink carpet and all. I must say the whole theater laughed for 2 hours and I left with a good vibe. If you like these kind of movies you won’t be disappointed. And McDreamy – yup still very very dreamy… Here I am with my friend Blenda!

5.Loved this text by Stacy London about aging, dressing the part and so on. Since turning 40 this summer I’ve been occupied with the notion that I’m not feeling old but the way I’m valued is getting less and less… So sad. And fuck it all!

6. And will you learn the #TzAnthemChallenge dance over the weekend?