Sleepy hollow. The sofa part two.


Well the sitting upright was mostly for the photo in the previous post.  I spend the day with two sleepy little ones. But it was as cosy as in the photo. We watched Iron man 1 & 2 or actually I watched and held my hand in front of his eyes and put off the sound. But he got to see some parts of building the nice Iron man suit. I have a little crush on Robert Downey Jr but don’t tell anyone.


I also watched this one sleep for like 3 hours. So damned tired. From what?? Life? Why does cats sleep so much? Like 70% of their time. Incredible. But very cute to watch.
BTW do any of you know how to get the cat to actually use a scratching pole instead of the sofa?

2 minutes action – then back to sleep again.
Hopefully he’ll feel better tomorrow.



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March 12, 2016 at 03:06

Cats like carpet to scratch on. Some cats will scratch on rope but most will not. What is your post covered with?

And where do you put it? It needs to be somewhere they like, not just in a corner. Sadly this is usually right in some nice aesthetic place!

And try this guy, I learned a lot from him:


isabelle Mcallister
March 12, 2016 at 19:30
– In reply to: Melbournite

Thank you! Such a great tip!! I’ll try it

March 27, 2016 at 10:54

Vi har teppet Lohals fra Ikea og etter at vi fikk det har katten kloret MYE mindre på sofaen og andre møbler. Å spraye catnip på klorebrettet funker også på noen katter og selvfølgelig å klippe klørne jevnlig (hvis du får lov til det uten kamp…)