Life at my apartment


Woke up to some sun. Our master bedroom still looks like crap. Two nails holds the curtain in place and even my Camellia next to the window is not happy. It was beautiful. I think I’m totally killing it.


Both kids home with the flu and high fever now. We watched so many hours of TV. So we had to take a break. Yes this is one of these blogpost that will make me look a much better mom than it is in real life. We played ONE game. As a break. Then the modern devices took over again.  chess-00636

But when my kids google what did my mom do to us in the future and talk with their future therapists about why they got to watch too many movies. I still have this image of them playing a real game.


Also it’s such a cute game! I bought it in Moscow. And no I don’t let my kids win in games. I’m totally the queen of chess. (But it was a tight game).


Cuddle is a good medication.

You see – everything is contaminated – even the storm trooper is down with a bug.