What would kids Imaginary friends look like in real?


What would kids imaginary friends look like if you made them real? A project gave children in Britain the chance to explain in detail their ideas of their personal friend and got help by the  London’s Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, together with some animators & model-makers. Very cool and maybe something to try making with your kids at home?

Above is Ruth Fekade with her “Lily the cat”and created by Psyop


Leo Georgiou with his “Monster”. Created by Aardman

imaginary3 imaginary5

“Swerl the Lion” imagined by Eva Wood and created by Picasso


“Nessi” imagined by Julio Sanz . Psyop made it for him.
I saw this very cool project over at boooooom. And I could have all of them as art in my house <3
When I was a kid I had a little troll living in a flower pot and running around just in the break between wall and ceiling. But I don’t think he was this detailed…