Weekend tip – Stockholm Antique Fair


A bit like visiting Hogwarts at some places and also getting that nice thunder in your hart when something truly unique could be found around every corner. I loved going to the Stockholm Antique Fair and you can go too! Antikmässan 2016 is open until Sunday!


This stand was done as an old pharmacy. Very very lovely. Some Antique dealers from Belgium. In fact many things came from Belgium. My second home country. Guess I have to go more often. I bought that little butterfly tableau. With the green/wooden frame.


In the mood is a nice store just around my corner here at Södermalm. They also had a nice stand.


An old embroidery pattern magazine. Such a beauty. Less is more is not really the deal here.


In every corner so much to see…


…and people to meet! Here is Christian Quaglia who started Herr Judit and later Brandstationen.

Always such a fantastic selection of things and very well put together. Christian also wrote a book about mens style – called Välklädd.


Brandstationens place!


I fell in love with this doll. But didn’t think my family would appreciate another baby so I let it go. But it was very nice. Dolls are weird and wonderful and can be so scary but this one was just cool.


If I knew where to put this – I would have bought it. This photograph was so sharp and old. Plus it reminds me of our jumping tower in Leksand where our cottage is.


I partnered up with dad. We had so much fun. He is a good companion searching for things. I also felt very young. Antique Fair is not meant to be only for people over 65 but I was kind of the youngest in the whole place…


This cabinet is amazing. The largest one I’ve seen. With price of around 150 000 SEK.

A classic lamp from Svenskt Tenn. Yes, I wished for a fatter wallet and less conscience!


The thing with this fair is that the really expensive stands where so inspiring and then it was fun to go to the smaller, more of a flea market feel over it. I like the mix. And the crazy people that always connects when it’s all about old furniture and things.