Mozart in the Jungle

I started watching this series like a year ago and thought it was so booooring. I totally didn’t get what my friends saw in it. But then I somehow gave it another chance last week and got so crushed. I still don’t really get what the deal is with this show. I mean it’s classical music (not that much but yes that nerd world) and nothing much really happens in each episode but it’s still brilliant. Gael Gacia Bernal is fantastic. You fall in love with him directly. He is crazy, cool and the way he talk is just oh la la. Hailey played by Lola Kirk is also so good. And somehow all the actors are just small gems.
So the story is – Rodrigo (Gael) is a super master conductor and new maestro at the New York Symphony. Hailey is a new young Oboist trying to make it in the big world. The show is all about the orchestra and the different players within the theater.  You just have to watch it!

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