Camouflaging my TV with art


The TV is so damn ugly so I want to hide it.  I’m going for many things to look at than you won’t be seeing the big elephant in the room. A where’s Waldo kind of thing.
Slowly getting stuff on my walls. Past years I’ve been living without many walls the curse of living in open spaces. It’s a thin line of it all getting to cluttered. But this will work great!

I found these old frames on flea markets and I like mixing it all up. New and old, thin and thick. This frame actually has a convex glass – looks amazing but makes it a bit harder to photograph.


The bat works great as well. I always put up things rather randomly. I also have about 50 holes in the wall – I like to do it by heart rather than take measurements. The bat and small stuff like it – also makes the wall a bit more 3 – dimensional which makes the wall more dynamic.
A great post about hanging art and making a gallery wall is now on A house that Lars built.

I bought this Mexican crucifix when we where there a couple of years ago. I actually fell in love with a huge art piece but never bought it so this little thing had to come with me home instead.  I the put the baby on the skateboard on top. I’ll show you more when I’m done.