I´m juggling several books at the moment.
“Vinterfåglar” – this bird book is by the window, where I do all my bird watching. We have so many birds at our feeder this year. The red bird on the cover “Domherre” is a frequent guest.
“Jeff Koons – with Norman Rosenthal” – I enjoy Jeff Koons so much. His view on life really inspires me. Here´s a conversation between (another idol of mine) John Water and Koons.
“Selfish”- Kim Kardashian West – 445 pages of Kimmy- it leaves me wanting more. So I keep this book close.
“Carry On” – I´ve read all of Rainbow Rowell´s books on my phone (via itunes). This book is the first printed story that I own of hers. She is the best!  (and she´s from Nebraska)
“Harry Potter -the order of the phoenix” – the 5th novel by JK Rowling. I used to read them as they came out, but for some reason I stopped after the 4th one. Now I´m back in the game.