This morning at my Apartment

Monday again. I had a hard time falling asleep again yesterday night. Damn. So then my morning was slow. But at least we had some light these past days. My weekend was filled with dinners, kids sleepovers and ice skating! I’ve been randomly enjoying Snapchat. Follow me there I think my name is isabelle_mca (haha I don’t know how to find my name on snapchat hahaha) – and plz tell me who to follow back!?


I also got a sweet message from the editor in Chief at Residence Hanna Nova Beatrice and a subscription for 2016 – Thank you!  They are currently working on a new English publication – a bookazine called My Residence that you can pre-order right here. Looking forward to it! Hanna also does really great weekly lists with updates from the interior world.

I painted the wood for the Beckers apartment. I don’t do it at home – but it sure looks swell!

How I love having a fire place at home!

How was your week end?