Snapshots from a Thursday in my life


02.00 I’m normally a good sleeper. Well I don’t clock enough hours since it’s so nice – the time you have after the kids have gone to bed. But this night I fell asleep with the kids and woke up 30 minutes later totally rejuvenated. Tried a lot but it’s always Candy Crush that makes my head go blank. A good trick. Wonder what my Yoga teacher would say about the candy Crush meditation…


07.30 “Hold a steady pace” thats our morning mantra. If you get too deep into interesting things the getting to school on time schedule goes totally down the drain. We’re eating oatmeal porridge. This morning with blueberries, banana & milk.


08.40 In front of my studio. Past week I’ve been here really early. I’m not actually a morning person but my new trick is to just get up and put on my working out gear on at once then head straight to the office. So no showering and eating long breakfast reading the magazine cause then I loose hours because I’m so slow in the morning.

10.00 Writing, writing, mailing and other computadore stuff. Lately I feel that I talk and write more about doing stuff with my hands than actually doing it. Miss it a little. But fun writing for Hemnet and thinking what to do for the kids room competition.



11.45 Quick pit stop at home, good it’s only 3 minutes from door to door. Had to get a carpet that has to go to the cleaners. I bought it at an online auction and couldn’t tell it was really dirty. Now something I got at a kind of bargain gonna be rather expensive…


12.00 Zumba! I didn’t really felt like working out today but since I already had my gear on (damn am I smart or what? Tricking myself like that). I had so much fun. Like going clubbing for an hour in the middle of the day. The teacher is an old dancer or something and really funky. He has a entourage of ladies standing in the front shaking their stuff. And me in the back trying to follow feeling like I have the most rigid hips in the world. But it’s fun. Working out at lunch time is the bestest.



13.15 Can you tell how good I smell? Freshly showered and on my way again. In the kids room that we are decorating like every week. A very difficult room.



13.45 I’m always too late going places. Like now I’d planned to go straight to the office – then suddenly I get the urge to hang another lamp in Della’s corner and another half hour ticks by.




14.00-16.30 back in the studio at my computer. My hubby gets nervous of my desktop but I just need to see everything. at once. Or do I?



17.00 Checking out Stinas stuff at Wonderwall! Meeting lots of cool people and watching her lovely art fly off the shelves! Fun!



17. 30 This funky lady is going to be watching over me at home.


18.00 Dinner at Bouqerian wtih my friends Anna & Laura. We laughed so much. Very nice evening.



22.00 Back in my sofa. Watching River & Jessica Jones on Netflix. I like them both.


00.30 Aah way too late in bed again but what a great day!