Life at Isabelle’s House

The snow is no show and we’re working hard on the x-mas feeling. But this view is still top notch.


I’m not into Christmas decorations at all but I manages to bring in some green branches. Candy is also a sort of decoration – no?


This house is really a miss match of stuff and colors but I like that it’s filled of memories from different people, ages and ideas of style. Although sometimes I just want to throw it all out and do it properly. But then again, thats kind of stupid considering the environment and my wallet and so on. I’ll get there in my own way I guess.


A good tree is what I like as decoration but I let the kids decide everything and do it in their way. If it was up to me I guess I just put in some lights. But I love seeing them get all worked up about decorating it.


The neighbors kids been hanging here. They’re playing Tjuv & Polis alot. A classic Swedish board game that somehow the kids love. Me – well I think nothing happens when you play or have I got the rules wrong?


This little diva hunter comes home once in a while to nap in front of the heater.



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Martina Sandström Rimsbo
December 26, 2015 at 15:44

Haha! Vad roligt att läsa om Tjuv och Polis! Jag älskade det när jag var liten, men har upptäckt nu när jag spelar med mina barn att det är som du säger – booooring och inget händer. Men ungarna gillar det. Knasigt hur man upplever saker.

January 2, 2016 at 00:42
– In reply to: Martina Sandström Rimsbo

haha ja visst är det trist. men men glad om kidsen inte kommer på det än på ett tag ;-)