Another Thursday in my life


Woke up to this. Total darkness today – been using such a high iso on my camera that everything is blurry but I think you can follow anyway?


When the kids went to school and hubby to work I tried to relearn the cat a game of fetch. He used to be able to pick up the ball after I threw it down the stairs. Now he simply looks at the ball with those big round eyes…


0900 walking to my dads- still dark outside. Here at Medis in Stockholm.


The house where I grew up – or from my 12-19 years. Dad still lives here. The coffee place below used to be a little supermarket. They had a big poster of me above the door. As a teenager it was the ultimate hall of fame!


Me and my dad moved some tables. I got this one for free via Blocket but it didn’t work properly so today we got rid of it. Is a table that works for both sitting at standing. Or if the hydraulics worked it would have been great. But now it has to become something else…


Then we went cruising to Midsommarkransen. This is the new spot the lamp store Svenska Armaturer will move into! It’s gonna be great!


This hood is just outside the center of town but with lots of great stores. I met Mimmi Staaf several times- she does great stuff but never been to her store. Total bliss such a cool place! Well done mimmi!


VintageFabriken is also over there. such a cute place!


My blog collegue Linda – Volang is one of the girls running it!


Spent the afternoon at my studio.


After an hour or so Elin came to pick me up. We had to check out the room that we will be doing for Family Living and Beckers next week… She drives as a madwoman. Glad I’m still alive.


Hey – glad you’re back! I got another hour or two in front of the computer. I was so happy Stina put up the Cool kids cry poster  for me when I was gone<3


At 1900 this awesome lady Sofia came by my studio to take me out to dinner! Yay. Got her posing on every street corner. She has that funky good for posing at street corners look.


We talked for hours about relationships and feelings and why it seems like men never does the same? haha never ending story. A had a damn good tuna burger.


That’s it’s folks. Now I have to get up to watch my kid sing at school in 4 hours.




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