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Viola and I watched Luc Besson´s “Leon” the other night. We cried and cried and cried.
“This is the best movie I´ve ever seen” she told me through the sobbing. When I was Viola´s age “Nikita” came out, also by Luc Besson.
Have you seen it? It is so violent and Nikita is so French and cool. When I think about that movie I remember two things: 1. Nikita  laughing while wearing such a cute top with strawberries on it. 2. When she throws herself down a ventilations system after an intense scene in a restaurant.

Here are a couple of things that I think Viola will remember about “Leon”. 1. That Mathilda smoked, even though she was so young. 2. Her choker. 3.The ending. At least those are the things she keeps talking about.

(Picture of the agate mineral above has nothing to do with the movie, it´s just one of the many things I have on my desk)


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Viola drawing.

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November 26, 2015 at 12:10

Jag älskar också Leon. Matilda är så cool och det är en av anledningarna till att Astrid fick heta Matilda i andranamn.