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Artist Elin Sandström

Patriark+elin+sandströmGood morning. Today I want to show you a Swedish artist whose work I really enjoy. Her name is Elin Sandström and I found her thanks to instagram (@eplet). When I saw her drawings that are so eerie and beautiful and strange I just had to have her draw one of my photographs.  I chose a picture of my son Frank holding a plastic dinosaur. I picked it ,not only because I like it but also, because Elin had liked that very picture on my Instagram. So I hoped she would take on the joboffer. She did, you can see her drawing of Frank and the dino further down in this post. But that´s not the only reason I´m writing about her, I also wanted to tell you to go see her exhibition “I remember so much that has never happend” that starts in Östersund next weekend. I love that name and I remember things like that too. It starts on November 7th. Ahlbergshallen, Östersund elinimageatt+lämna+elin+sandström andakt+elin+sandström elin-dosfamily12144934_1632196147002744_2411255319016046462_n 287367-483d2ba3380b494cae165676c2d4f293 Her shop has some great finds. Like this original “Wendy Torrance” ,a perfect gift for any horror classic fan out there. And the “Saint Agent Scully” portrait is lovely and Winona Ryder as “Lydia Deetz” is on my wishlist.


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November 02, 2015 at 03:11 PM

Så ball men Jenny – Östersund ligger lika lite i Stockholm som Skårby ligger i malmö! puss

Jenny Brandt
November 02, 2015 at 03:11 PM
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November 02, 2015 at 04:11 PM

Som om man inte bodde långt nog ifrån Stockholm… ;). Ibland är det till och med svårt att komma iväg på saker i Göteborg – mindre än 10 mil bort. Östersund är ju för tusan “i en annan del av världen”. Nästan.

Tänker på namnet på Melindas antikaffär i salig serien Ghost Whisperer: Same as it never was. Lite samma som att komma ihåg en massa saker som aldrig har hänt.

Frank blev verkligen superfin i grafit. Grafin. Typ.


November 07, 2015 at 07:11 PM

För mig ligger Östersund helt perfekt. Tack för tips, jag var där på vernissagen idag. Bilden med sonen och dinosaurien var jättefin att se i verkligheten!

November 08, 2015 at 11:11 AM
– In reply to: Ellinor

Hej Ellinor!

Vad roligt att höra.