To make a new view!


This is what our living room at our cabin used to look like. We’re here now, part of the family at least to enjoy that schools out for a week. I love that carpenter bench so much! I found it in one of the sheds, it must be over 100 years old and it doesn’t really work any more so it has become a perfect piece of art instead!
But it didn’t really fit perfectly in there so I brought it back to the city where it’s perfect!
And that shelf wasn’t really practical either but I took it down since my plan in to get this room some more view. It’s funny how my husbands grandfather took all the large old windows down in the 70’s and every year since we run this place I keep putting them back – or newer versions that is. In the 70’s you did the smaller windows because of keeping the heating costs low. But now the new windows are better and we have a better and more economical heating the windows gets put in again! What I wanted to say to this rant is that it used to be a window at this spot. (This image by Jenny Brandt )



And if you can have this view from that room – you don’t blame me for wanting it – right?
It’s my neighbor Svens meadow that he keeps perfectly in shape every year. I think he actually walks with nail clippers to trim the edges. And sometimes you can see him with a scythe. And since he was born in that house I think he’s been walking on that meadow with a scythe since WWII – imagine that!
And some very lovely Bambi’s comes to eat apples to the little storage house – the Härbre on the left… Very idyllic.




So this is now my plan. Don’t focus on the messy sofa. A large window in the middle and some wooden wall to wall storage underneath. Probably I will put up a new wallpaper as well – but haven’t gone that far yet.
I’ll show you the progress!

It will be great- right?



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