Life at mine 

    The lazy days still goes on. I got some sort of back problemos and been in serious pain the last couple of days. But after some pro massage treatment I’ll hopefully get better soon. 


Like every end of summer I’m looking for an office space, this August no different. Della is checking if there is space enough to bust some moves. 
  I’ve been running around town looking for things with my dad. Fun! Next week we’ll be shooting his house for a magazine.

  Here’s at the amazing Brandstationen at mariatorget. I want to buy it all. I did buy a little table. Showing it soon!

  We also celebrated my girl with the whole big family. I have such a great extended one ❤️

It’s already a week since we left Dalarna. Feels like a year. Sometimes it’s hard thinking that different places consists at the same time. 

  And the cat is handling the woods to town transition rather well. But I find him in this bag with herbs a couple of times a day. And yesterday we took him on a city walk. Don’t know if it was a hit or miss. 

Well I also booked a hip hop class for people 30+ for this fall and recognize myself so much with the movie While we’re young! Have you seen it?