I can’t really call my self a runner. I think it’s so boring but I’m still working on it since I think it’s a great way to get places and a sport you can do everywhere ans pretty much anytime. Plus so many runner who speaks about how GREAT it is – they can’t be wrong right? So I’m giving it yet another go.

IMG_4827I love to run when it pours outside. Don’t know why but it gives me extra strength. Well the air is also more oxygenated when it’s raining – guess that would help ne c’est pas?

 And boy – did it rain today. Just look at the flat grass. I was soaked after two minutes.

And it also helps running through these very pretty little villages. Around my cottage. 


I didn’t meet anyone, just all these little pretty houses. Could have been scary – empty but it was so beautiful.

IMG_4831And the colors so deep from the rain. My neighbor’s hens. They’re very funny.


I’ve had a break with training for so long now. This spring has been over the top crazy with work and I stopped training. Worst thing you can do when you’re stressed out. My thing is that I can go very long without eating and sleeping properly. And then I get too tired to work out but thats just the thing I need. And it becomes a bad stretch with lousy temper and a bad body. 

I just bought this pulse watch Polar M400 – I hope it will help me. Seems like I find myself a better pace. And Spotify’s running app which calculates & gives you music at the same beat as you’re running is fantastic. I’ll pretty much take all the help I can get! But with the vacay and lots of sleep I fell like I’m back in bizniss.


Today I also listened to p1 Sommar with Liza Marklund – she was excellent! I laughed out really loud along the way. But after a while it rained so much my headphones gave up on me! But I still did 9 km today. Very happy with myself!

What are your best running tips?