Happy Clogs


Thisis my crazy talented friend Jennifer Jansch. She is not only one of the best interior decorators I know – she just breathes style in every way. Even her whole family looks that effortless stylish that we normal earthlings just wish for. She is also a go getter in a very great way. I often tell to myself what would Jansch do in tricky situations! I wrote more about her here and her store in New York.


Over the summer – Jennifer and her brood leave -new York to stay at their summer house in Sweden. (Check out her country house -shot by Jenny right here in Lonny mag) and this year it seems like their on to a new sort of business. Hand painted Swedish Clogs called Happy Clogs.


Look the family is working hard!


If you like them you can email them to make an request right here:  happyclog@gmail.com



Very cute!


Jennifers main business is called Bag all. Her idea is that we should wrap gifts in small cute fabric bags that we can re-use isntead of buying and throwing away all these paper at x-mas and birthdays… And she also makes small bags for travel or sorting out your stuff. You can but them on her site or in shops all over the world.


These are some new New York prints found on Bag Alls instagram.

Yes, now I do not wonder what would Jansch do! I wonder what she will do – next!