Decorating your trees – And no – silly it’s not xmas yet!


This is like heaven to a Swede like me. To be able to put ordinary real furniture in your garden without needing to think about rain, and cold and stuff. Half of the Swedish summers tend to consist of bringing pillows, blankets and food in and out of your home just because you never know the temperature or if the rain wil come in a second. But this post was intentionally about something else. Hoe to decorate your trees in your garden. This is something I found they did in Turkey alot.
Above a little lamp and some braids on strings just to make the view extra pretty.
This is at the restaurant Limon outside of Gumusluk. Well worth a visit.


This tree at the restaurant Club Gumusluk is full of  tassels. I hope  Maria Montezami would do this in her garden! I would if we just had some trees.


I also like this alot. Actually about 7 years ago I did a whole xmas tree like this for an exhibition. Check it out here. So much hard work. But this one has less branches.


These calabash lamps where very popular in the area. I kind of regret not buying one. But looks how nice with these branches painted white as a sun shade!
From the restaurant Mimoza in Gumusluk.

The calabash lamps again in some old branches. A great idea!


I wonder what these trees are? Like a broccoli in tree-form.