Date night at Delikatessen


Tuesday night I had a date at this lovely French inspired restaurant close to Mariatorget in Stockholm. It’s called Delikatessen Bistro & Bar!


I actually got a cool gift -it’s a book called Eat Sweden and in it it’s vouchers for 12 restuarants in Stockholm. You get one main course for free at each restaurant. The thing I like about it that you then tend to try different places around town. Otherwise I’m more likely to go to the same spot every time I go out..


I had Moules Frites! Maybe to celebrate that I’m going with the kids to see my family in Belgium tomorrow!

My hubby Erik. He loves to be in my photo’s – NOT! But I asked him to look very much in love- this was the look! Good.


The bar – actually this restaurant is in an old fire station. Should have taken more general photo’s but I guess you just have to go there and see for yourselves!


William morris and me in the ladies room! A wallpaper you simply never get bored of.


I also like when you hang lace on the toilet door like this. Such a lovely detail.

It was a great night. Good food and we ended it by going to the movies. We watched Gone Girl. I didn’t like the book but I enjoyed the movie! Or the book is ok but I wasn’t awed like so many others. Oh anyway. Have you seen it?



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December 4, 2014 at 18:03

OMG. The Jugendstilposter in Picture 5. Or is it a tapestry? I love it!


Traci Barr Segal
December 9, 2014 at 08:08

Greetings from rural Northern California. I didn’t care for the book Gome Girl either. It felt like mass market fiction to me. Think I’lol pass on the movie. I did read a really good book recently called Poe’s wife. Terrific historical fiction.
Cheers, Traci