Like being on a train to Hogwarts


A couple of weeks ago I was on a train for 8 hours – going cross country in Sweden. From Borlänge close to my cottage and off to Gothenburg where I was giving talks at the Hem & Villa Fairs.  We started off early morning and it was so dark and the train spit out green sparks from the wires on top. So it was raining green and it was all foggy for hours. Above a snapshot from the train.


Apparently the train was build in the beginning of the 60′. So cool – I was blown away! I also kept listening to the podcast Serial. Do you follow it?  It’s a real murdercase that happened in 1999. But what happened? and is the man found guilty by trail really guilty? It’s a very well done postcast.


This is what the big compartments looked like.


It was a looong but sweet train ride. Worst part was the lack of internet.
But I had time to look out of the window and imagine all the lives people are leading in the towns I passed.


And when I go to Gothenburg I found my own face glued to many tramcars. Kind of funny!