Dear Isabelle I hear you and I can relate


Oh Isabelle!
I read your last post and I can totally relate to what you´re feeling. I too feel like such an introvert and dull person.
November has been such a strain on me. I´ve worked alot and have had 3 major projects with the same deadline (last night) also I´ve had the worst flu with fever and all that stuff. ( I know, I know, It could be worse but hey, let me complain a bit here, I need it)

Working a lot is fine, I´m good at it and I actually like it. But during the last couple of weeks there has not been enough energy for me to go around. I´ve been Wonder Women at work and then hid in a phone booth and transformed into Al Bundy: I´ve been coming home, complaining about my sore back, nagging at the kids, trowing myself on the couch turning on the TV (who am I kidding, it was already on, but I changed the channel to something I wanted to watch), stuck my hand in my pants and lit a cigarette.

It´s not a pretty picture…

But oh the summer was pretty. Such a bliss. Not a cloud in the sky or any fights with the kids ( okay this is not really true but I was so relaxed I could handle both the clouds and the thunder from the kids arguing) and then the fall was smooth and nice, but November ate me up and spit me out like a hairball on the couch.

But this weekend I have a plan: I´m going to treat myself with mindless TV-watching (8 episodes of Days Of Our Lives, some Sister Wifes and then a few hours of zapping around watching random stuff  that catches my eye) I´m going to wear ridiculously comfy clothes that at the end of Sunday will be filled with stains from stuff I´ve eaten there in front of the TV)
We´re providing the kids with some new gaming experiences (For Frank Lego Indiana Jones and for Viola a new expansion pack for Sims) to keep them occupied.






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Isabelle McAllister
November 28, 2014 at 12:44

Dear Al glad you can relate and yes vice versa. You know do you ever watch new tv?

December 1, 2014 at 22:23

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit, here are some TV shows that I melt into after one of those “I Hate Everything” days:

90 Day Fiance
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Broad City
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners
Key & Peele