Today is the first Monday of August and many people around us are going back to work this week. This summer will go down in history as a good one. For years this is what we will compare other summers to. Sweeds (me being one of them) will go on and on about how warm the ocean was in the summer of 2014 and how sunny the sun was and how quick you had to eat the ice cream cause it melted sooooo fast.


We have still been facepainting and going about this summer. Here I´m getting ready for Selfie no. 31


Yesterday  I went swimming in the ocean twice and in the zoo´s pool once. I also went to such a great yoga class. We did “the eagle”, “the crow” and when we got to the “happy baby” pose I was dripping of sweat. (and yes the poses in class makes me think of this Waynes World clip)


Another cool thing that has happened is that the kids have become quite rich. Viola and Frank have started to print bills for their playhouse.


Frank- making some house improvement with his new drill (bought at a fleamarket last week)


Remember this picture? Here is what the mirror really looked like- with Jens in the reflection.