So Jens and I had a talk with the kids. We told them. “Hey listen. If we are going to survive this long summer break you need to stop shouting “MOM”, “DAD” every 15 minutes.  We are simply going to go mental if you do”. They looked at us as if they understood.

Now they have started to call us “JENNY!!!, JENS!!!


Other things that has happened: My lens hood is broken so sometimes my pictures look like this…


… an acquaintance (with a very neat garden) was here and complimented us for having such a cozy and welcoming garden. This came as such a surprise to me; I always think that people with neat gardens look at ours with a frown and see nothing but a tangled mess. He excused his own garden with “we don´t want the hassle of gardening so we plant nothing and only keep a trimmed lawn”

I get that but for me it´s like this:
I love having a garden and I plant things as if I was totally unaware of my lack of consistency. If the plant survives my neglect I tell myself. “Wow this sure is a keeper! Let´s go buy some more of them!”

Stuff is growing everywhere and if I don´t feel like pulling weeds they will be left there growing into full length.
Apparently I´m not the only one who finds this endearing.


Viola is singing and talking mostly in English nowadays.  (with cousins in the US she has the privilege of being exposed to the language often. that and also 100 of hours of youtube a day helps). She asks us to give her sentences in Swedish for her to translate. It can be anything like “I would rather be sleepy in London then naked in Paris” or “If you don´t give me my breakfast now I´m going to throw a tantrum” or simply: “Can I wear my tail to school?”

We are so impressed with her ability to improvise and she wont give up until we understand. Like f.e.
We asked her:
How would you order a ham and cheese sandwich?” 
She said:
Can I please have some bread with cheese and pigs butt?”


The baby birds left the bird house.


Also Saba the cat spends a lot of time outside. On a leash. She gets tangled up in pretty much everything. The swing, plants, toys and weeds and so on. Thanks to this we´ve finally figured out how crop circles are made. You simply put a cat on a leash in a field and eventually you´ll have a perfectly round shape with a cat stuck in the middle. I made a rough sketch to explain it.