This is Sixten. He is my friend.

When I went to photograph his family´s home (see it here) Sixten tagged along with me all day, helping me with the shoot and keeping me company. When I was done we decided that I would return another day just to photograph stuff with him.  And here are the pictures from that day.


We photographed things like this robot that Sixten and his dad made.


..and this little buddy


… and these concrete sculptures.


You know how some kids can sit all by themselves, making things or drawing for hours and hours letting their parents be. Well that is not Sixten.
Sixten loves to make things but he wants the company of his father in the process.  Sixten´s dad, Marcus, is a wood shop teacher so I totally understand Sixten. With his dad´s help you can make pretty much anything you want out of wood.


My favorite piece at their house is this flamingo. Made out of left over wood.


Sixten also showed me another flamingo at his house. One not made of wood but one that can sing.


There are always something being built in this room.




See you later Sixten!


PS: Marcus trade is the re-use of wood. He makes all kinds of cool things from leftover furniture, driftwood and other left over materials. Like this water station I found on his Instagram.


Follow Marcus on Instagram @kombino_amobel
And his page here!