I cut 10 cm from my hair and I regret it like the girls in Top Model. Big time drama queen meltdown. No, no meltdown but just a bit regretful. Yeah, yeah I know. It will grow. But if I felt (all in my head) a bit like a flowing cool breezy jet setter hippie with my hair before the cut. I now feel more like a well put together lawyer who is about ten years older than I am now. I guess I’m pretty far from both these types and maybe it’s just my PMS working tricks with my head. It seems like lately the PMS is a problem that never was there before.  But the color is great. I was aiming for some crazy coloring shit but didn’t book enough time at the saloon, after the summer I will do it.
Right after the hairdressers I went to do Bikram Yoga. You know the kind you do in 40degrees heat and 40 % humidity – the Yoga you do to feel like you are in labour for two hours again. I haven’t done it in years. Last time I did it I couldn’t find my way home afterwards. And the Yoga studio is only two blocks from my home. I was 2 mm from calling a cab. The heat is such a killer but after the the session when you’ve cooled down the body is like a new one. Alla the muscles work like a baby again. And now this time I went with a friend, Lotta, who was in town and wanted to go so I simply went with her without thinking too much. When I started to sweat, the ammonia in the hair or whatever chemicals there are from the coloring products started to smell and evaporate so it felt like I was working out in a pool of pee all wrapped around my head- and thought I was going to pass out. But I made it. Sure panicked a couple of times in the middle. But still made it.

Other news this week is that I’ve been soooo tired. I need it to be vacay soon. I’m a sleepwalking zombie. I have also searched the web for dresses I will never buy, landed an awesome job and want to take the family on some adventures this weekend but don’t know where.

Whats up with all of you? Your life (and hair) treating you well?



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