Sweden is so pretty today but also very sad. Instagram is such a great place for people to connect and support.  One account has proved this to me over and over again. Its @frkgul All the love and compassion I see in the comments gives me hope of a better tomorrow. Many of us have followed Piia as her husband has fought cancer. She has written about it so gracefully and yesterday their story came to an heartbreaking end. My heart and mind is with them today as I listen to Markus Krunegård´s Askan Är Den Bästa Jorden.
Thank you @frkgul for sharing your story. 

As I see the hashtag #ripmikael spreading all over instagram today I feel the need to talk about something else while our hearts are open.
This year is election year in Sweden. There are a few far right political parties that has gained a lot of ground here with their anti immigration speeches.  We see Nazis on our streets and in the media. NO I AM NOT KIDDING!  And it has to stop.

You might say “I´m sure there are no Nazis reading this blog, Jenny is preaching to people who already agree”
Sure. But there might be some of you who are considering not to vote in the upcoming The European Union- election.
You should.
Sweden is not the only European country with these far right parties.