I must admit I got a bit spooked when all these small plastic packages flew out of the big one but it all smelled lovely and the I saw it was from the very great “queen of Swedish Chocolate balls” Heidi Hed! She has been Β flauting her baking on instagram and I’ve been dying to make these babies. But I never have unrefined sugar at home and always end up making these instead.

But now I got this lovely gift – with a note:
“- I didn’t put eggs and butter in the box… didn’t think it was a good idea and then Isabelle now you have NO excuses. ”

Well Hedi you are so right!

Thank you – thank you funniest gift ever!
And such a great idea of giving ingredients!

This is how they will end up – photo taken from Heidis instagram

Heidi is such a great supporter of anything that Jenny and I make. Fells so good to have you in our corner!

I’ll get back with a review of them laters!
Big kisses

And yes but of course – the recipe:
Hidi Heds chocolate balls
150 gr Butter
1 egg
3dl oatmeal
1/2 dl coconut flakes
1/2 dl cocoa
1/2 dl OΒ΄boy (Swedish instant chocolate milk powder )
1 1/2 unrefined sugar
1 tbspoon vanilliasugar

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Make small balls and roll them in sprinkles or coconut flakes. Let them get cold and more stiff in a fridge.