Okay I know we mostly have non Swedish residents reading this blog. And you´re probably not visiting this blog to get the latest dish on Swedish politics.  But I just have to show you this picture. It is too funny.
A far-right anti-immigration political party called “the Sweden democrats” and their leader Jimmie Åkesson has gained some ground here in Sweden. This is of course very disturbing and frankly it pisses me off. Hopefully they will be kicked out of the government next election, fall 2014. Fingers and toes crossed. Until then lets enjoy this photo.

I found this picture today via Lady Dahmer. It shows Sweden´s royal family and the required photo of them posing with all the different political leaders in our government. In the bottom picture they are posing with Håkan Juholt the former leader of one of Sweden’s biggest parties “the Swedish Social Democratic Party.” It seems like a pretty good time meeting him. –“Sure it was fine. We all think everyone is created equal and should have the same rights” that kind of vibe. Right?

And then the top photo is with this far-right, racist douche-bag Jimmie Åkesson I was telling you about. He looks quite pleased.
However it seems the king, queen, princess and her husband have trouble enjoying this photo.

Hahah I love it!