Thank God school is back in a few days. We are all climbing the walls and everyone is longing for routines and friends and actually dressing in something else then PJ´s.

I´ve been thinking about home schooling and what it would be like for us.
The first thing that comes up in my head is Mallory Knox shouting at me: “A bad bad bad idea Jenny!” (Click here to see how it should be said ,video of Mallory Knox)
But for the love of nonsense lets think about it anyway.

Home schooling with me would be something like this.
Geography lesson with PSY
You know the map in our dining room, right. Perfect for geography lessons. I would teach the kids to point out the Simpsons hometown “Springfield. This is a tricky question because there are 22 “Springfield” in the US. They would have to watch all the episodes of the show trying to figure out what state it is in.

I would also attach people to important places to the map. For example PSY will show the kids where Gangnam Style was filmed.

Math class inspired by McDonalds
Learning all about adding and subtracting while playing “may I take your order”.
How much will you save by grabbing the whole meal instead of buying the pop, fries and burger separate?
And how much more is the supersized meal?

Viola complains in the picture:
“I haven’t had a costumer for a long time only people asking if they can use the restroom”

Biology with the Sims

I don´t have to worry too much about biology class. Viola has been playing the Sims for a while so she is all set.
Here she has created us, her own family.

Now all that´s missing is a home big enough for a class room.
Home sweet home school