I rent a desk at an office in town but it’s such waste of money from my part. I have been there twice since the 1 of September. Crazy isn’t it? It’s at home that I have all the stuff I need at work but I must say I feel a bit unprofessional when me and Jenny are working and we are sitting in my big bed, the kids are around and we’re drying lamps that I made in my bathroom among my freshly washed clothes… The best thing would be to move to a bigger apartment with an extra room for work. Above Jenny and Della is singing One Direction tunes.

Jenny was here 3 days and we’ve been working really hard. I wish I had more images of all we where up to but somehow I was lost in a work storm. Now I’m in a hangover job coma – have to go to the gym to get this body going…

In 20 days I’m leaving for Mexico – Playa del Carmen! Anyone got any tips for me?

Have a great week!