When someone is making a comment, giving critique or just says something that get to you it’s so bloody easy to just run with the other persons idea. But is this really a good way of doing stuff? For example I find myself in many situation daily when I hear stuff and just make it a truth. Some things doesn’t really make any difference. I mean if my daughter tells me a hummingbird can do 1000 wing flaps per second and it’s only 100 it’s still amazing it doesn’t really affect my life in a bigger way. But a lot of other facts are.

First of all we can talk about a general skepticism about things you read and hear which is good to just have in the back of your head.  I don’t mean not to believe in people but just to kind of aware that everyone has their kind of truth.

I am a very believing person on the verge of naive sometimes. My world is filled with unicorns, cool people, some less cool and then real villains that make war and such. Pretty black and white instead of 50 shades of pink… I think I have had trouble in the past seeing that we all, including myself have our own agendas somehow.
But on a larger scale I also see how the word is spinning so fast our own truths kind of get pretty messed up.

I know I have been forced to to things differently on TV show I was in because we got one, I mean ONE phone call complaining about some things we where doing. That the other over 1,1 million viewers didn’t say anything didn’t really matter. There was just only this – We have got complaint – now we need to change. Another thing I was working on a month ago we had a comment about that the image felt hard. So we worked our ass off making it softer. But who was this person saying it needed to be softer? Was it God? The boss? Was it a whole group or just one of many who had been asked – What do you feel about this image? No one knew but we all worked after this one comment.

Sometimes we are put in a group with a meaning of – now we need to express what we think about this issue. Mostly we just pour our harts out. Yes it’s an environment to do it. But it can be just a thought someone had, not really a really thought trough idea – and then does this thought need to be right?

I’m just saying give some stuff some more perspective before just running away with a bad comment or something that get you a bit off balance… Since we all lead such hectic lives – this time for thought seldom appear but how we need them more than ever!


This is a great app for giving you these extra minutes freedom of thoughts in you head. At least for me.

Life lesson by Rebecka– like a boss as always. In Swedish but easy to google translate.


Ps, was it really a hummingbird my daughter was talking about or maybe a dragonfly?