Hello Isabelle!

Hope your weekend in Gothenburg was swell. Saw on Instagram that you met Dunker. Fun times.
So today Skåne is getting ready for a big storm. The trains have been cancelled and the public have been told to go get the kids from school.
“Stay indoors” , the local paper recommend. You know that nothing sounds sweeter in my ears then ” Stay at home”.
So I´m doing as I´m told.

We have got a fire started. The kids are already home and I made our favorite snack.  Chocolate rounds. I´m going to eat them , drink coffee and watch as many episodes as Days Of Our Lives as I can take. Vivian is finally back and Bo and Hope are really messing stuff up as usual for themselves so it´s very exciting at the moments. Hopefully the kids will fend for themselves and let me indulge.

What are you having for Fika today? (FIKA=snack in Swedish)