Wednesday Addams.
Last year my daughter Viola went trick or treating dressed as Miss Addams. Today we are giving the costume another go.
All you need:

Braided black hair parted in the middle. If it´s not black already you can spray it like we did.
A black dress. This one is from a thriftstore.
A blouse/dress with a collar to wear underneath. We used an old Lucia gown (almost all homes in Sweden have one, Lucia has been celebrated for generations in schools here).
A wicked toy. Wednesday is usually portrayed holding a doll that looks like her. We did not have one like it so we got creative:

Viola,  what kind of toy would Wednesday have?” I asked.
An axe!!” Viola shouted pointing to the air like one does when getting a brilliant idea.
I´m afraid it would be to heavy for you to carry…
A dead dog!!!
Against the law.. I´m sure. Plus where would we fin…””
“A guillotine” Viola interrupts me.
Way too complicated to build”
“Okay well.. how about a beheaded doll then?

We found a perfect victim – ripped the head off and named it Boris.




Synopsis: October is Halloween month here on DosFamily. We will blog as usual but we´ll add some horror inspired post here and there.