Hey all you fine people out there!
We know that many of you readers have blogs of your own. And we want to read them.

We bloggers all have our ups and downs. Sometimes our posts rock the world, sometimes- not so much. It´s like life really, sometimes it sucks but sometimes it´s pretty darn good.

Today let´s focus on the best posts, the posts that make us proud of ourselves. The posts that we want engraved on our tombstones  (no Jenny ..too far)

We would love it if you could comment below and link us to your best blog post so far so we can read it. I really hope you will want to play along here. It would make such an interesting read for all of us.

I´ll start with a comment below with a link to the post I am most proud of. I hope you´ll do the same..

Go on! Show your blog off!