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Hello all you funky people!
My week has been full of scholarship business, walking around my home in my PJ’s and getting a bit of that famous autumn blues that seems to come when the weather gets colder.
To get out of it I try to do some sports. I got gym membership and it suits me great at the moment. I go do as I’m told, having fun and then done. Great.

Wednesday I did this funky Yoga class and yesterday I tried the dance class Sha’bam for the first time. I’m an old basketballplayer and that is pretty much my level of dance choreography but when I got there it was a major buzz, lamps and a filmcrew. They where following the teacher who came from New Zeeland and made a rockymentary about here for Reebok. Well I hid behind a big pillar in the middle of the room and danced away. The class was fun. Afterwards I learned that the teacher was indeed the women and maker of Sha’bam and Body Combat – Rachel Newsham. How cool is that!?

And more above see the truly inspiring short clip about the boys from the Unlocking the truth band. from the great avant garde diaries. Well watch all of them!

Also check out this little film about the National Geographic’s photographers. Truly beautiful and inspiring.

And prepare to get angry, cry and chocked about the world yet again. REad and look at this amazing project with women who has been sexual assaulted and them showing quotes from the people who attacked them.

And if you know any Swedish Handy-women – keep nominate them for my scholarship – the Isabellestipendiet!

Have a great weekend y’all!