So I’m totally in baby craving right now. Must be the hormones or the kids getting older or something because I’m happy as it is, with my little family  – being just the four of us. I don’t really want more kids or start over again. But still if I happen to see a baby on Instagram I can get stuck for way too long. And my body kind of melts. Anyways, my hubby suddenly started talking about us getting a pet as in a cat. Don’t know if these two things has something to do with anything but kind of obvious in a way.

I always had dogs, didn’t much like cats before but I’m turning around. So now I need to know all pro’s and con’s having a cat. And should we go for a stray normal any kind of cat or go for the much more expensive pedigree version?

And is it better with a boy or a girl? Can we have the cat in the apartment but still bring it to our country house and let it loose?

Any info would be at value here. Please advise!