We’re back in town after 9 weeks at our country house. Our Internet there is really slow and I needed a break from it ALL. But now it’s time for fast forward. Yay!
The kids missed town and were happy to get back but already after 5 minutes something happened. We got back Friday night and we have all been in a a bad temper. Beppe rushing out on the streets without looking totally forgetting about cars. I have had pain in my body and head, lashing out on everybody. Things are broke in our apartment, it’s really hot here and suddenly just living in a smaller place without so much nature as an extra back yard has been taking some time to getting use to again. Living in a city, in an apartment also takes much more effort of being a parent because you have to find things to do all the time. But we will get there!
Tomorrow Jenny is coming and oh la la I’m looking forward to it!

big kisses to you all