Okay I just have to repost these two Instagram pictures here. Because I love them so much.
These are my kids. Viola and Frank and they never stop to amaze me.

Viola´s school are doing their school pictures this week. I don´t know about other 8 year olds but at Viola´s school this is a BIG DEAL.
You´ll see kids wearing their favorite clothes with their hair combed into perfection. One boy had a huge golden bird in a necklaces and some girls had snuck bubblegum flavored lip gloss into their back packs. It melts my heart as I see them running around the school yard still tanned from the summer-break-sun and full of anticipation.

Viola also cared for her outfit and decided on a black tank top and a white ruffled skirt with hearts on it.
At school she asked a teacher:
Do you think the photographer will let me do my “Mr Burns look” for the picture?
What does it look like?” The teacher asked, clearly not a Simpsons fan.
Viola gave her the look that is shown in the picture above.
The teacher smiled. “Don´t know, probably not

This fills me with such pride. She might be the funniest person I know and she is my daughter.

Such a little fighter. You long time readers might remember what we went through when he was born. The heartache and the hospital days.
Doctors telling us all the things he would probably never do. Walking- being one of them.

I wish I could go back in time and  show myself this picture of Frank from the future.
Look Jenny it will be alright, you´ll have lots of fun with this little amazing person.”  I´d tell myself  “He´ll even be the first kid in Sweden with a mustache at the age of 2″ 

No just kidding. That´s just a part of the costume.